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Yearn *XL*- Milk Chocolate Filled with Strawberry filling

Beloved *XL*- Dark Chocolate Filled with Strawberry filling

Rouse- White Chocolate with Vanilla Bean

Amour- Milk Chocolate and Coffee Flavor

Lust *XL*- Dark Chocolate with Cherry filling

Entice *XL*- Milk Chocolate and Cherry filling

Ablaze *XL*- Milk chocolate filled with marshmallow fluff, topped with graham crackers and toasted marshmallows

Eclipse- White Chocolate with Oreo cookie Crumbs

Modest- White Chocolate with chocolate chips

Nostalgia- White chocolate with Froot Loops, Fruity Pebbles, and Lucky Charm Marshmallows     

Tranquility- Milk Chocolate with caramel and coconut

Bliss *XL*- Milk Chocolate and caramel

Urbane- White Chocolate with sunflower butter

Enchanted- With chocolate with rose petals, marigold, and lavender

Antiquate- Milk chocolate and raisins

Jubilee- White chocolate with birthday cake seasonings, sprinkles, and marshmallows

Retreat- Milk chocolate, caramel, coconut, pecans, and macadamia nut

Charisma- Milk chocolate and pretzel bites

Muse- White chocolate and matcha

Brilliant- Dark chocolate with orange slices

Zen- White chocolate with honey and lavender

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